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Eastern Regional DL Conference Hosted by CCC

CCC will be hosting the Eastern Region Distance Learning Conference on Friday, March 18, 2011 from 9 am – 3 pm. You are all invited to attend this wonderful conference! Workshops include Distance Learning best practices, SoftChalk (www.softchalk.com), Assessing DL courses, Skype (www.skype.com), GoogleDocs and many more! Thanks to Title III, ALL CCC faculty and staff will be able to attend! But you need to register! (Registration also includes lunch!) Please register by February 21, 2011.

Click Here register or copy and past the link below to your address bar.


To view the agenda for the conference, click here: 2011 NC3ADL Eastern Region Conference Agenda

To view a campus map, click here: CCC Campus Map

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or call me.

Thank you!

Pre-Ah Hill, MS
Instructional Technologist
Carteret Community College
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NC3DLA Conference Update

The NC3DLA conference has been exceeding all our expectations. We had approximately 350 participants and 31 vendors. I brought 15 colleagues from Carteret Community College and they all have shared positive feedback about the conference and the presentations they attended. Dr. Abbie Brown gave a great luncheon Keynote yesterday (Monday) and Bob Irvin from FTCC was honored as a Distance Learning Pioneer for the Community College System. I can remember the first time I met Bob about 15 years ago when we first began learning about online teaching. His award was well deserved.

The thing about these conferences I enjoy is not only being able to renew connections with my dl colleagues across the state, but to learn about the very latest technologies and best practices in Distance Learning going throughout the Community College System.

Many of the presentations basically reinforce and validate the things we are already aware f and doing at at our colleges and in our online classes however it’s just good to be reminded about those “key” best practices for e-learning. Like I say in my DL Workflow presentation. Teaching online is not rocket science. Students what to know their teaching is engaged and an active participant in the teaching/ learning process care about their learning.

There are so many things going on at the state level as far as funding issues and the directions they want us to take with our CMS (Course management System) decisions. There is no doubt that Blackboard and Moodle and the main acts in town and will both be major players.

We are now listening to the founder of Moodle and lead developer Martin Douglamas who is presenting about the history of Moodle from Australia via Skype.

One of our Adjunct Faculty members Lisa Taylor Galizia stated about the conference…”I just returned from my brief, but information-filled, first-time NC3DL conference. Enjoyed “The Good, Bad & Ugly” of Distance Learning by Kelly Kirk from Randolph… Great tips and great discussion among session attendees about Quality & Credibility in distance education. I appreciated the reminder that students expect online instructors to be engaged, visible and active participants (checking and responding frequently, not just at grading time) not “ghost” instructors, as one participant said.”

A CCC Faculty Member’s Observations of the NC3DLA Conference

MARCH 16-16

The Distance Learning conference in Durham this past week offered many excellent opportunities for learning new techniques to improve online education; from nuts and bolts construction, design guidelines, best practices, and assessment tools. Carteret Community College was well represented with Don Staub, Patrick Keough and Laurie Freshwater all giving impressive talks. It was evident we are way ahead of the curve in Distance learning in training, content innovation and assessment. Click Here to download Don Staub’s Presentation on DL Assessment

One of my favorite talks was called “The Good, Bad and Ugly of e-Learning”, by Kelly Kirk , Director of Distance Learning at RTCC. In a hands on simulation he had cast us in the role of a student trying to navigate our way around in a poorly designed online class. It was very frustrating and brought home the point how students feel when our course are not well planned.

There was a variety of interesting software available both free and for sell. I was excited about learning more about SoftChalk, which we already have copies of  and it works seamlessly with Blackboard to expand its functionality. There is some free online training and PreAh Hill has agreed to give a hands on demonstration.

We are very fortunate to have a Title 3 grant that enables us to attend these conferences and continue to learn and improve our online course offerings.  It is also a nice validation of what we do when we network and compare our online offerings. It was interesting to see that nationally online students are now doing as well as seated sections. At our college students in Hybrid courses do better than students in the seated or online classes. Distance learning is growing by leaps and bounds in all 2 and 4 year schools and it is mandatory to stay abreast of all trends to keep our students engaged.




Cathy Crowell
Curriculum Area Coordinator
Photographic Technology
Carteret Community College
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NC3DLA Conference DeBrief

Considering the board of the ND3DLA didn’t even start promoting this year’s distance learning conference until late January, it has been a real success. There were approximately 200 participants attending this year’s conference called Clicks and Mortar at the Sheraton Hotel in Durham.

I attended Associate Vice President for Learning Technology Bill Randall’s presentation from the System Office who gave a comprehensive historical perspective on distance learning across the state. He addressed the various distance learning initiatives and challenges that have evolved over the past 12 years and the incredible growth dl has experienced in the last decade. The latest statistics show a 38% growth in online and hybrid course enrollment state wide this past year. The System Office is now In the process of putting together a stronger infrastructure to support distance learning across the state such as looking at alternative open source course management system’s like Moodle and implementing standardized training and for community college faculty.

Dr. Randall addressed setting up DL in the state as a business model and rethinking how we fund, assess, train and change the educational culture throughout the system in addition to integrating functionality putting us on converging paths with K-16. That is one of the reasons COLT (Commission on Learning Technology) was established this past year. He asked how can we leverage change and maintain quality in these difficult economic times especially with distance learning growing so rapidly across the state.

Jonathon Sweetin, Applications Integrator from the NCCCS System Office presented a comprehensive overview of Moodle administration – he took us “under the hood” of moodle and showed how to change themes, course design, create reports, batch enroll students, upload files, back-up courses and essentially manage your moodle courses for your college.

There’s no doubt that more and more colleges in the state community college system are in the process of migrating to moodle or at least considering the possibility of migrating away from BB and going to this cheaper “open source” instructional delivery alternative.

Conversion from BB to moodle is not seamless. Most faculty are using cut and paste method however there is a conversion tool from LSU. He also shared some excellent resources for both teachers and distance learning administrators.

Dr. Williams from the System Office gave a very motivational and inspiring keynote address concerning the importance of giving all our citizens across the state the opportunity to pursue their education and how distance learning has to play a crucial role in all aspects of life long learning as technology changes so rapidly and our workforce retools and upgrades incorporating technology at all levels.

There was also a panel addressing the issue of SACS and how Distance learning departments can prepare for the SACS visit. This was a panel I sat on because CCC just had its SACS visit this past fall and received no recommendations. It was basically an information sharing with lots of questions. the panel was able to take some of the mystery out of SACS as it relates to DL.

Carteret Community College was well represented at this year’s conference with 9 faculty and staff attending thanks to Title III funding and 3 presenting (myself, Don Staub and Laurie Freshwater) 7 sessions in during the three day conference. I walked away from the conference feeling positive about the strides we have made in distance learning at Carteret Community College. There is no doubt that we are staying abreast of the latest technology and best practices for dl thanks to the funding Title III gives us for training, technology and travel.

You can download my the Powerpoint from my presentation on Harnessing Rich Media for Instructional Purposes by clicking here!