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ECU Think-In 2010

Today I am participating in the East Carolina University “Think-In” and it looks like I am the only Community College representing Distance Learning invited to present this year. This is essentially a technology “laptop and display” fair showcasing all aspects of incorporating technology into education. Today I am showcasing our Online Tutoring Service and our Blackboard Platform created for it.

2010 ECU Think-In Teaching with Technology Fair

“Think-In 2010 showcases faculty from around the state utilizing technology to educate students in the classroom – both face-to-face and distance education classes. Participants made presentations via laptop poster sessions and included course and instructional technology demonstrations.”

Photography Student Carol Davis checks in with me on Skype for some advice on her class projects while at the Think-In

This event is an excellent opportunity to see what other institutions are doing in the realm of instructional technology, in addition to sharing what we are doing at our college and the Community College System. The great thing about the Think-In is being able to get new ideas from other innovative faculty and instructional design staff from around the state. Each booth showcased a specific innovative application of technology such as the virtual hospital, using video to give feedback to online students, second life for educational purposes and a variety of other creative uses of technologies in the classroom both online and in the traditional class setting.

Click Here for the Think-In Web Cast. I am being interviewed at 10:40am.

Click Here for my Think-In Blog Post from 2008.


Comments on: "ECU Think-In 2010" (7)

  1. Thanks for representing, Patrick! If you have a chance to look around, see if anyone is presenting on DL assessment techniques. Any contacts would be appreciated.

  2. Will do Don!!

  3. Lisa Galizia said:

    Hi, Patrick!
    I think I’m afraid I’m a little behind and may have missed you. I hope others at the “think-in” understand the value of online tutoring. I just got a huge hug from a student while on campus last night. Her appreciation for the assistance was very rewarding!

  4. Carol Davis said:

    lol, I SEE ME! – great job on your exhibit Patrick 🙂

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  6. Hi Patrick,I was very impressed with the Home Grown Online Tutoring Service presentation you gave here in Greenville at Mendenhall. Being a Distant Education student myself, there have been many times I could have used this service, and saved myself a lot of head-banging and time, trying to resolve difficult tasks in my studiem.
    When will these services be available to the students to use? I think they will help other students as well who are afraid of Distant Learning because you are really pretty much, self-taught when learning online. I have had students tell me they need to be in a classroom, so they will have the Instructors help.
    This should help a lot for the progress of Distant Education for those who need the convenience of online learning and to be assured of help if they get in a jam. Thanks for your brilliant intervention to distant learning !

  7. Thanks for the positive feedback Pat. This is a service we created for our Community College. ECU invited me to share how we developed this service with ECU and the others who attended the Think-In.

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