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NC3DLA Conference Presentations

I appreciate all the great feedback about the recent NC3DLA conference Title III sponsored (funded) for us. You can access and download all the presentations that were given by CLICKING HERE. Please consider giving a presentation at our Spring Regional conference that will be help at CCC 3rd Friday in March. I always come away from these conference with new ideas and inspiration for my online teaching.


NC3DLA Conference Update

The NC3DLA conference has been exceeding all our expectations. We had approximately 350 participants and 31 vendors. I brought 15 colleagues from Carteret Community College and they all have shared positive feedback about the conference and the presentations they attended. Dr. Abbie Brown gave a great luncheon Keynote yesterday (Monday) and Bob Irvin from FTCC was honored as a Distance Learning Pioneer for the Community College System. I can remember the first time I met Bob about 15 years ago when we first began learning about online teaching. His award was well deserved.

The thing about these conferences I enjoy is not only being able to renew connections with my dl colleagues across the state, but to learn about the very latest technologies and best practices in Distance Learning going throughout the Community College System.

Many of the presentations basically reinforce and validate the things we are already aware f and doing at at our colleges and in our online classes however it’s just good to be reminded about those “key” best practices for e-learning. Like I say in my DL Workflow presentation. Teaching online is not rocket science. Students what to know their teaching is engaged and an active participant in the teaching/ learning process care about their learning.

There are so many things going on at the state level as far as funding issues and the directions they want us to take with our CMS (Course management System) decisions. There is no doubt that Blackboard and Moodle and the main acts in town and will both be major players.

We are now listening to the founder of Moodle and lead developer Martin Douglamas who is presenting about the history of Moodle from Australia via Skype.

One of our Adjunct Faculty members Lisa Taylor Galizia stated about the conference…”I just returned from my brief, but information-filled, first-time NC3DL conference. Enjoyed “The Good, Bad & Ugly” of Distance Learning by Kelly Kirk from Randolph… Great tips and great discussion among session attendees about Quality & Credibility in distance education. I appreciated the reminder that students expect online instructors to be engaged, visible and active participants (checking and responding frequently, not just at grading time) not “ghost” instructors, as one participant said.”

ECU Think-In 2010

Today I am participating in the East Carolina University “Think-In” and it looks like I am the only Community College representing Distance Learning invited to present this year. This is essentially a technology “laptop and display” fair showcasing all aspects of incorporating technology into education. Today I am showcasing our Online Tutoring Service and our Blackboard Platform created for it.

2010 ECU Think-In Teaching with Technology Fair

“Think-In 2010 showcases faculty from around the state utilizing technology to educate students in the classroom – both face-to-face and distance education classes. Participants made presentations via laptop poster sessions and included course and instructional technology demonstrations.”

Photography Student Carol Davis checks in with me on Skype for some advice on her class projects while at the Think-In

This event is an excellent opportunity to see what other institutions are doing in the realm of instructional technology, in addition to sharing what we are doing at our college and the Community College System. The great thing about the Think-In is being able to get new ideas from other innovative faculty and instructional design staff from around the state. Each booth showcased a specific innovative application of technology such as the virtual hospital, using video to give feedback to online students, second life for educational purposes and a variety of other creative uses of technologies in the classroom both online and in the traditional class setting.

Click Here for the Think-In Web Cast. I am being interviewed at 10:40am.

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