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People ask my why I attend so many professional conferences. I’ve been blessed the past 4 years with a Federal Title III grant that funds my various distance learning training initiatives here at Carteret Community College. The grant also has line items for my travel and travel funds of our distance learning faculty. As long as there are viable professional development activities at these various educator conferences we can use the funds to attend them.

As my previous post mentions I just returned from the Society for Photographic Education Conference in Philadelphia. What a great city! I must say the Philadelphia Museum of Art is absolutely excellent and would give the MET a run for its money as far as the quality of its collection and great exhibits it puts on. I was lucky enough to catch the Picasso show during a break from attending my Photo Educator conference workshops.

One of the main things I enjoy about attending distance learning and photography conferences is the inspiration (and current information) I get from being around my colleagues in the field.

Technology is changing so incredibly fast and getting to hear speakers talk about the latest innovations in teaching and photographic practices enables me to bring this information back and share it with my students and faculty where I work. I also enjoy sharing what we are doing here at Carteret Community College with my professional peers. Its a two way street as far as exchanging information in order to make us all better at what we do in our respective fields.

This years conference had a great print sharing where my students could see what the work other students and teachers from around the country are making in addition to having the opportunity to build relationships with educators and professionals in my field.

I must admit I was excited about having my daughter Andei who happens to be a budding photographer with me this year. She got the opportunity to share some of the work she is doing with other students and some teachers from colleges around the country.

Its very easy to get caught up in our little routines and worlds with all the demands we have on us as educators – getting away for a few days to attend a professional conference is rejuvenating, inspirational and very beneficial because I always bring back something that I have learned and share the new knowledge with my students and fellow distance learning teachers.

A good example of this would be all the great information I got about digital workflow at last year’s conference. I came back and did more research on this important photographic practice and then incorporated it into all my photography classes.

That is why I make the extra effort to attend good conferences that relate to what I am doing professionally. I attend not only to get information but to share what I have learned with my professional colleagues. Title III has enabled me and many of the staff and faculty of Carteret Community College to expand our knowledge by supplying the funds to travel to these excellent workshops and conferences.

It was also rewarding for me to see one of my photo graduates (Rochelle photo left) moving forward with her photography education and working towards a 4 year degree. Here she is at the print sharing showing off some of her beautiful black and white landscapes.


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