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Fall Semester is Upon Us

It has been a busy summer semester for our DL team at CCC. We conducted a variety of workshops (Moodle training for example) in order to get our faculty prepared for to teach online in the fall, in addition to all the one-on-one training Pre-Ah has done the past few months.

Title III sponsored another well attended Blackboard Boot Camp training workshop on Friday, July 31st in the Wayne West Computer Lab. We had 18 faculty and staff from across the college attend and 2 graduate students from East Carolina University who requested the training without compensation.


The T3 sponsored Blackboard Boot Camp has been a very successful and benificial training program for Carteret Community College. It has prepared and certified all (100+) its online faculty including adjuncts to teach effectively in the online environment.

This is comprehensive “hands-on” professional development that has been supported (funded) by Title III for over 2 years.

East Carolina University Graduate student and photography adjunct instructor Adam Jacono stated that he wished East Carolina University had a certification program for online teachers like our Blackboard Boot Camp.

bbootcamp2bbootcamp4The Boot Camp is also a catalyst (springboard) for our “one- on-one” training that Instructional Technologist Pre-Ah Hil schedules after new instructors receive their initial training. She assists them with all aspects of course design, retooling and rich media production. Pre-Ah continues to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting distance learning at CCC.

Title III support has been extremely valuable to Carteret Community College and its distance learning initiatives. Pre-Ah Hill and I are looking forward to working with faculty throughout the coming school year and offering distance learning training on a regular basis. We also plan on conducting a series of Effective Online Learning workshops for our students in the next month.

Here’s to a great and productive semester at CCC!


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