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Moodle Training Initiative at CCC

moodletrainingThe Distance Learning Team with the assistance of James Minor, CCC English Adjunct Instructor conducted its 2nd Moodle training (train the trainer) workshop this past Friday from 9-12.


Carteret Community College now has 12 faculty members who have attended the Moodle training and are now in the process of migrating one of their courses from Blackboard to Moodle. 14 Moodle courses are now in the process of being created (migrated from CCC Blackboard) thanks to a grant from Title III. The deadline for this first round of course migrations is October 1st and two more “hands-on” workshops are scheduled for August, in addition to some online training using our Moodle Boot camp resource. The following are the courses that have been created on the CCC Moodle site.

• Art History Survey I and II and Moodle Boot Camp – Patrick Keough

• Moodle Student Orientation – Pre-Ah Hill

• Human Resource Management – Selva Staub

• Travel / Outdoor Photography – Cathy Crowell (Trainer / Mentor)

• General Psychology – Heather Hebert (Trainer / Mentor)

• Western Civilization II – David Quinn (Trainer / Mentor)

• Radiology – Carla Williams (Trainer / Mentor)

• Professional Practices in IT – Mary Walton (Trainer / Mentor)

• Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology – Laurie Freshwater (Trainer / Mentor)

• Sociology – Johnny Underwood (Trainer / Mentor)

• Aquaculture I – Skip Kemp (Trainer / Mentor)

• Art Appreciation – Jason Smith (Trainer / Mentor)

James Minor – Creative Writing, Moodle Consultant

moodle_poweredThis Title III Moodle training initiative is a back-up (proactive) measure for Carteret Community College if for some reason (budget constraints for example) we were to have to give up using Blackboard and adopt the more cost effective Moodle “open source” Course Management System.