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DL End of Year Report

deq_docsDistance Learning End of Year Report
December 17, 2008

It’s been a productive year for the CCC Dl Team. We’ve conducted 11 distance learning professional development workshops and trained 114 staff and faculty members.

Pre-Ah Hill has also worked one on one with approximately 30 faculty members.

qapAs of  December 17, 2008 my team of online course reviewers have evaluated 85 online (hybrid and total) courses.  This initiative could not have been possible without the financial support of Title III, and dedicated efforts of Pre-Ah Hill and the faculty (content specialists) who assisted in this process. The QAP’s (spread sheets) are currently located on my computer and backed-up by Pre-Ah as well.

Faculty members (courses) who didn’t pass the minimum standard have been meeting with Pre-Ah and I to upgrade their courses in order to meet the QAP standard.  This is an ongoing process, although as of December 16, 2008 we only have 3 more faculty (adjuncts) to meet with in order to get their courses up to speed for Spring. These appointments have been made this week and the week before classes begin in Spring.  There are also approximately 15 online courses (Business and EDU) that are being worked on (developed) over Christmas and Pre-Ah and I will be reviewing them between now and when classes begin Spring 09. We are also in the process of creating a revised QAP for web-enhanced courses that we will begin implementing Spring 2009. This is our next big initiative for 2009 – standardizing the content that must be included in a web enhanced course and move forward evaluating web-enhanced courses as well hybrids and total internet. I truly believe this initiative brought the level of our online course offerings to a higher more standardized level across curriculum’s.

moneylaptopWe also were awarded a second NCCCS Technology Center Grant to produce instructional web resources for Blogging, YouTube and ITunes University. Our DL team has produces a script and are in production of an enhanced instructional podcast on the benefits of these web based tools for students and faculty, the equipment (hardware and software) needed for them, and information on where to obtain software needed use them effectively.

The goal is to provide all of the information that a college will need to get started on Blogging, YouTube and ITunes U. Pre-Ah Hill and I also conducted training workshops and materials as part of this Tech Center Grant. The following are the workshops (and the ECU Think-In Technology Showcase) we have conducted and/or participated in as part of this grant project and our T3 sponsored Distance Learning training.

October 9th, Wayne Community College
17 Participants

On Oct 23, 2008:
15 people attended:

On Oct 24, 2008:
8 people attended:

Think-In East Carolina University November 13th
Distance Learning Showcase

The Distance Learning Department at Carteret Community College  hosted a Regional Workshop sponsored by NC3ADL on Blogging, YouTube and iTunes for Instructional Use Workshop on Saturday, December 13 from 10:00-3:00 pm. This was open to all of the community colleges in the region. 15 Participants

tutor1Our Online Tutoring Initiative (service) has exceeded all expectations and our tutors have submitted their final reports for the year and recommendations for making the service even more successful here at CCC.

A total of 260 hours and 85 students served by this service between March  – December 1st, 2008.

We invited 5 staff members to participate on this year’s DL Pioneer team. They have been exploring new and innovative ways to offer their student services in the online environment. (See Brenda Long Blog)

We are also in the planning stages of a student centered distance learning / blackboard training initiative for Spring 09.

Eight faculty members will be attending the NCDLA Distance Learning Conference in Raleigh February 15 – 19th. I will also be presenting a workshop on Instructional Podcasting.

Lastly, I co-presented (via Skype) at the Noel-Levitz Conference in Denver in November. Based on the evaluations our presentation was well received and we have been invited to present again in San Antonio in July 2009.



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