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DL Advisory Agenda

June 21, 2007 1:30-3:00 p.m. CMAST 406

Blackboard Boot Camp Update
• Title III DL Pioneers Final Reports Quick Overview

Introducing our new group for Phase II DL Team – I will be looking to our first dl team all help mentor these folks starting in the fall.

Tammy Powell
Meg Rawls
Louise Brimmer
Elaine Fuge
Bob Malone (English Adjunct)
Lynn Stevens
John Baucom
Shannon Cotnam
Marj Gross
Donna Galley

• Spring Online Course Evaluations – Overview and Concerns

Still need aggressive professional development program into the Fall and Spring semesters based on student evaluations – especially focused on instructional design and online teaching methodology.

• Student Services and Academic Support Online Components (Create Sub-Committee to explore this issue)
Serving the Online Learner

Excellent Article on Serving Online Learners

SYSTEMS AND SERVICES for recruiting, advising, and support of online students have seldom been at the top of the list when planning online and distance learning programs. That is now changing: Forces pushing advising and support services into the foreground include recognition of the student learner as “customer” and the increasing expectations and demands of government and business in our global information economy. The recent release (September 2006) of the Spellings Commission report, A Test of Leadership: Charting the Future of US Higher Education, notes a lack of systems that track the progress of individual students over time and across institutions—and is sure to increase the focus on these systems.”

Online Tutoring Services
Class of One
Central Peidmont CC – How They Do IT?
Houston CC Online Student Services

• Faculty Technical Performance Standards Update
• Online Course Peer Review and Certification

Once we get ALL CCC faculty (including adjuncts) BB Certified the next step is to establish an experienced peer review team to begin evaluating each online course offered at CCC. I see this as a long term goal over the next 3 years starting in the Fall of 2007.

• Q & A