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ITunes U Presentation

dlpres2.jpgWe had standing room only for my Itunes U Presentation here at the 2007 DL Alliance conference. As promised the Podcast of the entire presentation is located in the distance learning folder of our CCC ITunes U web site. Just scroll down to the bottom tier and click Distance Learning Icon and then listed to DL Alliance podcast.

Click Here for CCC an Itunes U Link

dlpres.jpgDl Alliance Presentation

We can keep this conversation going on this blog or the one below if you like. As I mentioned in my talk today. There are so many new tools, technologies and methods for teaching online it can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. As educators we are all at a different place in this new learning environment and its just a matter of setting some goals and making a commitment to incrementally move forward incorporating rich media content into our online classes and ITUNes U is just one way to deliver (and store) instructional content to your students.

Please post your comments, ideas, frustrations, concerns to these Blogs. I look forward to hearing from you and feel free to access and download the podcast from my presentation.

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  1. Congrats on launching your iTunes U. We launched in January at NJIT and are enjoying the ride.

    I subscribed to several of your series. I/we have found that looking at other schools’ instances has been a great way to get ideas, motivate new content creators and show samples of program formats.

    I linked to a list of schools on my blog that offer a public iTunes U which is a good starting point. A great wiki list is also linked there.


  2. That’s great Ken! I just checked out your site. I graduated New York Institute of Technology back in the early 70’s so I am originally from your neck of the woods. Checking out other schools like Berkley and Stanford who have forged ahead with this has been very benificial to me and my staff getting ITunes U up and running at our school. We still have a long way to go but at least we have the technology and esign in place – now its just a matter of getting faculty producing podcasts and enhanced podcasts. Thanks for the feedback and good luck to you.

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