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Technology Skills here at CCC

Dr. Emory has tasked our DL Advisory Team to develop a value statement, performance standard, and assessment for the basic level of technology and instructional design skills that ALL teaching faculty should have at CCC. Once developed this will be incorporated into faculty performance appraisals. This is something SACS will be looking at very closely across the board at CCC for not only online faculty, but all teaching faculty at CCC. I suggest there be a staff component of this value statement, performance standard and assessment as well without the instructional design component. This will certainly include internet navigation, a basic understanding of Blackboard and computer skills.

I am asking Pre-Ah Hill to chair this subcommittee made up of Susan Hopkins, Brad Nicholajsen and Kim McGinnis. I will need a rough draft of this by May 11th. I will leave it to Pre-Ah to coordinate meeting times to get this accomplished.

Please post the rough draft of this 3 part technological requirement to this blog on or before May 11th.

Please feel free to make comments below this post for clarification or if you have any questions concerning this important task Dr. Emory has given this committee.

Patrick Keough
Director of Distance Learning


DL Advisory Team Minutes Podcast

We had a very productive first meeting for our DL Advisory Committee last Friday. I appreciate Dr. Emory kicking off our meeting with her thoughts, concerns and perspectives concerning the challenges that face CCC in respect to the various DL initiatives in progress across campus.

You can access the entire audio podcast of the meeting by clicking on the CCC ITunes U link and scrolling down to Distance Learning Icon then clicking DL Advisory Meeting. Remember…you must have ITunes to access the CCC ITunes web site. Click here to download the free ITunes

I am looking to Mark Johnson to follow up with Ken Martin concerning innovative ways we can be offering online counceling and other support services to our DL students and Doree Evans to brainstorm with the Academic Support staff on how we can get ALL our students prepared and proficient for online classes and the use (and access) to the technology and understanding the teaching methodology better?

I see one of our biggest challenges as we approach the summer semester is to get all our online faculty trained on the new (upgraded) version of Blackboard 7.2. Pre-Ah and I are offering 2 training sessions per week until the end of this semester.

Please use this blog to keep me (us) informed of your ideas, and progress concerning the various challenges and issues facing CCC. I will let you know shortly when our next meeting is scheduled for.

thanks for being a part of this very important team!

Patrick Keough
Director of Distance Learning